Five People Killed and Six Wounded In Car Crash in UAE

At least five people died and six more wounded in a car crash Wednesday afternoon in UAE’s city of Ras Al Khaimah.

The tragic incident happened in Emirates Ring Road outside Ras Al Khaimah after a vehicle with six passengers swerved and collided with a truck. All the victims were Arab nationals.

Police said that Ras Al Khaimah police patrols and national ambulances have immediately rushed to the scene of the incident, and evacuated the injured persons to the hospital.    

The health conditions of six wounded people were reported critical.

There is no immediate information about the age and gender of the victims. 

381 people lost their lives last year in different road accidents across UAE and another 2,620 received injuries.

Distracting driving, sudden swerving and failing to maintain safe distance between vehicles were the main reasons behind traffic accidents.  

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