Wuhan Detects Cholera Case Raises Concerns of Spread

Chinese authorities confirmed on Monday that a cholera case in the central city of Wuhan sparked public concerns about the infection’s spread.  

China’s official media Xinhua reported the public announcement of the Center for Disease Control in Wuchang District about a cholera case from Wuhan University.  

The report said a local hospital admitted a graduate student with gastro disease history after experiencing fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.  

The student has been transferred twice to a higher-level hospital. 

Authorities have since locked down the dormitory where the student stayed and the lab where the student worked and quarantined close contacts. 

Reports also said that health authorities administered Cholera tests to all hospital staff who had contact with the student.  

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), O1 and O138 are the only two strains of cholera bacteria that cause outbreaks. 

In China, Cholera is the second infectious disease its government classified as Type A, next to plague, while COVID-19, AIDS, Rabies, bird flu, and malaria are under a less severe category – Type B. 

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