Experimental Cancer Drug Showed 100% Success Rate in Early Study

An Israeli BioMed company has reported a development in their study that the fungus-cannabinoids combination kills pancreatic cancer cells with high efficacy of up to 100%.

The current investigation, according to a news release from the BioMed business Cannabotech, demonstrates that the two active chemicals combined in low quantities exhibit significantly better anti-cancerous efficacy than any of the active ingredients alone (an effect called: synergy).

Cannabotech’s finding has supported the hypothesis that pancreatic cancer would be efficiently treated with a combination of cannabinoids and fungal extract, with fewer adverse effects.

The investigation looked at how cannabinoids and fungi extract affected three subtypes of pancreatic cancer, with the best outcomes coming from the subtype known as poorly differentiated cancer, which is thought to be the most aggressive and prevalent in the general population.

Prof. Fuad Fares, a senior cancer researcher, said he was pleased with the collaboration with Cannabotech yields groundbreaking results as this strengthens the research they’ve conducted at the University of Haifa in recent years. 

Fares’ study focused on finding a botanical medicine that is both effective and safe for the treatment of cancer. 

Elchanan Shaked, CEO of Cannabotech, said they are convinced that they shall continue to meet schedules and within 9 months will complete the feasibility phase and proceed with the joint developmental cooperation with a large pharmaceutical company, vis a vis the FDA. 

One of the most deadly tumors, pancreatic cancer is infamous for being one of the most aggressive, has a poor prognosis, and is a major cause of death in the West.

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