Elderly Hong Kong Activist With Cancer Given Jail Sentence Without Bail

A Hong Kong magistrate sentenced a 75-year-old activist with terminal cancer Tuesday to nine months in prison without bail for attempted sedition. 

Hong Kong activist Koo Sze-yiu, who has stage four cancer, was arrested on February 4 after the National Security Department officers prevented a planned demonstration against Beijing’s Winter Olympics. 

Koo told the police he had prepared a coffin with slogans like “democracy and human rights are above the Winter Olympics” and “End one party dictatorship.” 

Principal magistrate Peter Law ruled that Koo endangered national security through his slogans, which aimed at overthrowing China’s constitutional position. Law added that the planned demonstration could have triggered discontent against the central and Hong Kong government.

Koo said he was unrepentant and did not mind fighting for democracy and freedom.

“Spending time in prison is part of my life, the more time you spend in prison, the smarter you get,” Koo said.

Koo was detained for more than five months and denied bail on national security grounds.

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