BBC Investigation Reveals Possible SAS Warcrimes in Afghanistan

The UK Special Air Service (SAS) is facing a probe after a recent investigation and a whistleblower detailed possible war crimes in Afghanistan and attempts to cover them up.

According to a BBC investigation, SAS operatives allegedly killed detainees and unarmed men in suspicious circumstances and that commanding officers failed to disclose crucial evidence to a murder inquiry.

The internal emails retrieved by the BBC from the UK Special Forces (UKSF) detailed that in 2011. there were already growing suspicions that the UK military had not thoroughly investigated a series of suspected civilian murders in Afghanistan.

The Royal Military Police (RMP) also held suspicions about possible war crimes after they have been barred by armed forces headquarters from visiting crime scenes, interviewing officers, and watching aerial footage of the operations.

A whistleblower who spoke on the condition of anonymity also admitted that civilian and prisoner killings were common.

“Illegal killings were part of our job and yes, the tactics were gruesome. But arresting them [Taliban suspects] was pretty pointless because they would only be held for a few days before being released. So for me, the end justified the means.” said the whistleblower.

The father of two of the victims, Haji Habibullah, also testified regarding a 2011 raid in the village of Khanano, in Musa Qal where seven people who were attending a funeral were summarily executed at his guest house.

BBC Also went to the scene and detailed bullet holes from the crime scene and later found a secret memo to the director of the Special forces mentioning a similar raid. 

According to the SAS personnel, they were fired upon and retrieved weapons from the scene, which Habibullah denied.

Another family member of some victims Mohammad Daud, also recounted a similar narrative and said that his brothers have been killed alongside two guests who were affiliated with the Taliban which they were unaware of at that time. 

The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) accused the BBC of jumping to
“conclusions from allegations that have already been fully investigated”.

“The Ministry of Defence of course stands open to considering any new evidence, there would be no obstruction. But in the absence of this, we strongly object to this subjective reporting.” said the MoD.

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