Taiwan Denies Making Mortar Munition Donation to Ukraine

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) denied reports that it had sent 60-millimeter mortars to Ukraine.

MND released a statement on Monday, saying that photos of the said ammunitions circulating on the internet and foreign reports on the matter are not factual.

“The speculation of foreign media is not true,” MND said.

Some foreign websites reported that Ukraine received mortar munitions from Taiwan, attributing the information to the Ukrainian press.

“Taiwan joined the list of countries supplying weapon and ammunition to Ukraine, territorial defense units received a batch of 60-mm mortar mines made in Taiwan,” TopWar, a website publishing Russian and international news, said.

Commenting on the alleged military donations, MND said it follows Taiwan’s “overall foreign policy” and works with its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MND said the government supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and opposes violence against the country.

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