Saudi Political Dissident Manea al-Yami Killed in Lebanon, His Brothers Detained

Saudi Arabia’s opposition party said Monday that one of its founding members Manea al-Yami was killed in Lebanon capital Beirut in “complicated circumstances.”

The National Assembly Party (NAAS), whose members live in exile, said before reaching to Lebanon, al-Yami, 42, asked the NAAS to keep his membership undeclared due to security conditions until he reaches a safe country.

Lebanese security forces said they detained al-Yami’s two brothers in connection.

In a series of tweets, NAAS said besides contributing to NAAS, al-Yami had formed his own party “Right and Justice Movement” in 2015, and adopted the party’s principles of seeking “democracy, resisting tyranny, and establishing rights and freedoms.”

The NAAS said it holds the Saudi authorities responsible for endangering the lives of dissident politicians and forcing them to exiles and reside in unsafe environments because of their political beliefs or their human rights demands.

“We demand a fair, clear and transparent investigation into the case that shows the details and circumstances of the incident to find out who is behind this heinous crime,” NAAS added.

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces said they have arrested two brothers, originally from Saudi Arabia, on the suspicion of stabbing their brother due to family dispute. 

Security forces did not reveal the name of the victim, but said the arrest was made on Sunday and the two brothers had confessed to the crimes. 

Motivation behind the murderer is unknown yet.

The Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Waleed al-Bukhari in a tweet post highly praised the Lebanese authorities’ efforts to uncover the facts and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Manea al-Yami has been living in Lebanon since 2015. 

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