Russia Temporarily Suspends Gas Deliveries Through a Major Pipeline

Nord Stream AG has confirmed a scheduled maintenance work on its pipeline, which transports gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

The maintenance work on Nord Stream 1 pipeline, in a report by CNBC, indicated that it began on Monday and is scheduled to be completed by July 21. 

With this maintenance work, Europe has announced that it is also preparing for a protracted interruption of Russian gas supplies. 

Later in the day, it’s anticipated that the pipeline will no longer carry any Russian gas.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which transports over 55 billion cubic meters of fuel annually from Russia to Germany, is Europe’s single largest piece of gas import infrastructure.

Europe raised concerns that the delivery ban could go longer than the allotted 10 days, putting the region’s winter supply planning at risk and escalating the gas crisis that has already resulted in increasing home energy costs and the emergency action of policymakers.

Energy regulator in Germany, Klaus Mueller, thinks the Kremlin may keep squeezing Europe’s energy supplies after the maintenance work is supposed to be finished.

According to Mueller’s statement, they cannot rule out the chance that gas transport would not be restarted thereafter for political reasons.

Prior to the planned maintenance work, a representative of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action said that the government was closely observing the situation in the gas market.

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