Indian Authorities Arrest Organizers of ‘Fake’ IPL Cricket Match

Indian Police have arrested the organizers of a fake Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match that hired farm workers and unemployed local youth to play in the game.

Shoeb Davda, the key suspect, reportedly set the fake cricket league on rented agricultural land. Mehsana Special Operations Group (SOG) police inspector Bhavesh Rathod said the employed players wore T-shirts representing a non-existent cricket team. 

The organizers set flood lights and video cameras on the field to make the games look authentic. They registered the tournament as “Century Hitters 20-20” on the mobile application CRICHEROES.

The T20 cricket tournament in Mehsana in Gujarat reportedly took bets from gamblers in Russia. The games were aired through live broadcasts on YouTube.

The police said Davda stayed in Russia, learning about cricket betting from one Asif Mohammad. The police said Mohammad advised Davda to set up fake cricket tournaments.

Rathod said Davda, who is in Russia and wanted in the case, took bets from gamblers. 

The police also identified Kolu Mohammad, Sadiq Davda, and Mohammad Sakib as the other suspects.

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