Jordan Denies Plans To Set Up a “Safe Zone” on Syrian Border

Jordan denied reports that Amman considered establishing a “safe zone” along its border with Syria.

The denial came after news that Jordan would start work to set up a safe zone in southern Syria following statements by Jordanian King Abdullah II.

“We categorically reject the news. There is no talk of establishing a safe zone, and Jordan is not even thinking of doing so,” Amman News reported, citing a security official.

In May, the Jordanian King Abdullah II said that his country is facing more problems with Syria due to activities of the Iranian-backed factions in the bordering areas.

Without mentioning the name of Iran, Abdullah II said he “knows who is behind the drug smuggling” attempts along Syria-Jordan borders.

Syria is considered a major source of Captagon pills and smugglers use to export the drug to the Gulf through Jordan.     

Meanwhile, the Jordan border guards had adopted a “shoot to kill” policy on its border with Syria to keep the smugglers at bay.

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