EU to Blackout Facebook Over User Data Concerns

The European Union (EU) faces the possibility of a Facebook and Instagram blackout amid the Irish Data Protection Commission’s (DPC) efforts to stop EU data from reaching the United States.

The DPC notified its European counterparts on Thursday that it would prevent Meta, the owner of Facebook, from transmitting user data from Europe to the US after years of court fights with Meta itself and European privacy advocates.

The global business community, which has been wondering how to continue moving data from Europe to the U.S. following the EU’s top court judgment in 2020, might face the consequences of the Irish blocking order if it is finalized by the group of European national data protection regulators.

In 2020, the European Court of Justice overturned the EU-US Privacy Shield data transfer agreement in response to the EU’s concerns about American surveillance techniques.

While declining to share specifics of the judgment, a representative for the Irish DPC confirmed to news company Politico that the draft decision had been given to other European privacy authorities, who now have a month to provide their feedback.

Meta expressed that the EU and US could come up with a different agreement that would continue to allow its European and American users to communicate.

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