At Least 700 Firefighters Deployed to Fight 1,500 Acre French Wildfire

Almost 700 firefighters backed by aircraft have been deployed to fight a wildfire that has grown to 600 hectares (1,500 acres) in France’s southern Gard département.

czzThe Gard local government has placed several areas on high alert and has ordered evacuations 

There were 70 people that  have been already been evacuated in the villages of Bordezac and Bessèges as the fire continues to spread. 

According to Firefighter lieutenant-colonel Eric Agrinier explained that fire was still “spreading freely” and that it is “a fire that is set to last for several days”.

At least 680 firefighters have already been deployed to the scene along with two Dash planes while 18 firefighters have been injured and one was hospitalized.

Another wildfire has also broken out near Générac, south of Gard, and has already destroyed 235 hectares of vegetation. 

The Generac fire is still under surveillance while 100 firefighters and 30 engines were deployed to the scene. 

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