Taiwan Rejects Contaminated Noodles From Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday that the Customs Administration blocked several shipments of instant noodles from Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines after finding excessive levels of pesticide residues in the products. 

According to the FDA, the Customs had rejected a total of 19 shipments, including seven instant noodle shipments from Indonesia with 4,047.4 kg of Mie Sedaap, from the Philippines with 327.6 kg of Lucky Me cup noodles, and from Japan with 56.96 kg of Acecook cup noodles.  

The FDA said the substandard products were either returned or destroyed.  

The FDA added that customs officials would increase the percentage of imports checked from Indonesia to around 20 percent in light of its huge amount of contaminated noodle shipments. 

The FDA also said that Customs rejected other substandard food items such as Best Camellia Oil from China and Queen Victoria tea bags from Australia. 

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