Polish Suspect Arrested Over Killing of Journalist Peter R. de Vries

Dutch authorities confirmed the arrest of a 27-year-old Polish man in connection with the slaying of renowned crime reporter Peter R. de Vries.

The suspect was already in detention on suspicion of another homicide that occurred in October, according to a news release by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service.

Whether or not the de Vries’ murder was ordered, by whom, and who else might have been involved were all still under investigation by the agency.

“The man is suspected of directing the executors of the murder of De Vries,” the public prosecution said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a 27-year-old Dutch man was seized in Curaçao, a former Caribbean colony, and a 26-year-old male was detained in Spain.

Both men, in a report by Dutch News, were scheduled to be sent to the Netherlands via extradition.

After exiting a television studio, De Vries was fatally shot in central Amsterdam in broad daylight almost a year ago.

De Vries’ passed away nine days later from his wounds, setting off a national outpouring of sorrow and rage.

Currently, two individuals are on trial for the murder; one of them is another Dutch national simply known as Delano G. and Kamil E., a citizen of Poland, age 36.

Both Delano G. and Kamil E might receive a life sentence if found guilty while the judges’ decisions are expected on July 14.

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