Israel Signs $3b Arms Deals To Gulf States Since Normalization Accords

Israel has signed arms deals worth more than $3 billion in the region since the country normalized ties with some Gulf States in 2020.  

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Thursday that since diplomatic ties were normalized between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain two years ago, Israeli defense personnel held about 150 meetings with their counterparts in the regional countries.

“More than $3 billion worth of arms sales to Israel’s new Arab allies were signed during the span of time,” Gantz told reporters, referring to 2020 deals.

However, Gantz did not mention the names of the countries that signed the arms deals, but in 2020, Israel signed US-brokered Abraham Accords with UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco to normalize ties.

Meanwhile, Gantz called for enhancing regional cooperation against Iran ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and the region. “Biden’s visit to Israel sends a strong message to our enemies and of course it would strengthen Israel’s position in different fronts,” Gantz said.

Biden will pay a visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia between July 13 and 16 and this is his first visit to the Middle East since he took office as US President.  

Gantz hoped that Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia would help to expand the security framework between Israel and Arabia countries in the region.  

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