Georgia Guidestones Bombed Then Demolished Afterwards for Safety

The Georgia Guidestones, the monument dubbed by some as “America’s Stonehedge” has been demolished by local authorities after it was damaged by a bomb. 

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) an explosion was reported at the site at 4 a.m. local time on Wednesday.

The GBI released surveillance footage showing a sharp explosion damaging one panel just after 4 a.m.and another video of a silver sedan leaving the Guidestones.

No one was injured in the explosion but the Guidestones were demolished using a bulldozer because it became structurally unsafe after the explosion. 

“The capstone piece has been damaged and I’m sure the other three wings and the center support probably have damage to them as well. Each one of those wings is 16 feet 4 inches tall. It’s 1.7 inches thick and its 6 feet 6 (inches) wide. They weigh about 42,000 pounds each,” said Christopher Kubas, Executive Vice President of the Elberton Granite Association which maintains the Guidestones.

No group or individual claimed responsibility  for the bombing while  right-wing groups and conspiracy theorists have celebrated the destruction of the Guidestones, 

Georgia’s gubernatorial Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor said the Guidestones were Satanic and need to be destroyed.

The Georgia Guidestones is a 19-foot high monument that displays a 10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages with the names of four ancient languages inscribed on the sides near the top: 

The Guidestones also could function as a calendar and clock due to their design while there is no clear information on who had the Guidestones built and why, 

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