Drug Kingpin Extradited From Brazil to Italy

Italian law enforcement agents from the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) successfully extradited Rocco Morabito, a convicted drug lord affiliated with the ‘Ndrangheta mafia, from Brazil to Italy.

Morabito, a prominent member of the notorious ‘Ndrangheta mafia and the second most wanted man in Italy, was flown to Rome on Wednesday after being extradited from Brazil, putting an end to his nearly 28-year run from law enforcement.

Morabito was originally set to be extradited from Uruguay after being caught in 2017 as part of an investigation carried out by the Special Operation Division and Investigative Unit of the Italian Carabinieri; however, in 2019, he escaped from custody.

The INTERPOL finally captured Morabito in Brazil in March of 2021 after having spent more than two decades on the run from Italian authorities and had been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Giovanni Bombardieri, Chief Prosecutor of the Antimafia Prosecution Office of Reggio Calabria said, “The extradition of Rocco Morabito sends a powerful message: however strong the criminal web of mafia groups may be, our global police network is stronger.” 

Morabito, 56, was found guilty of trafficking drugs internationally in the Italian cities of Palermo, Reggio Calabria, and Milan. 

According to the INTERPOL, Morabito also served as the ‘Ndrangheta’s point man in South America.

Morabito’s arrest was accomplished by the INTERPOL Cooperation Against ‘Ndrangheta (I-CAN) program, which has already assisted in the capture of more than 25 ‘Ndragheta-linked fugitives worldwide since its establishment in 2020.

“‘Ndrangheta operatives leverage immense financial resources to avoid facing justice, but by mobilizing law enforcement through INTERPOL, we will find them and ensure they account for their actions in the end,” expressed Bombardieri.

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