Sufi Cleric from Afghanistan Shot Dead in India

An Afghan cleric, Sufi Sayyed Chishti, also known as “Zarif Baba” was killed by unknown gunmen in Nashik district in Maharashtra state of India.

Chishti, a 35-year-old Muslim community leader from Afghanistan was shot dead by a group of four unidentified attackers in the Yeola town on Tuesday evening.

“The incident occurred at around 07:15pm local time and the victim was shot in the head and neck and died instantly,” police said.

The killers escaped the scene with an SUV parked nearby,. Chishti’s driver is a person of interest.

A manhunt has been launched for the killers and the motive behind the attack was not immediately known.

Chishti may have been killed over a plot of land he had obtained with the help of local people as he could not purchase land as an Afghan citizen.

Chishti, an Afghan refugee, was used to lecture at various religious gatherings and mausoleums, and he had gained popularity in social media.

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