Israel Army Chief Candidate Blames Iran’s IRGC For Political Instability in the Middle East

Major General Eyal Zamir, one of the leading candidates to take over as the next chief of the Israeli military, on Wednesday called for more assassinations of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) members in order to curb their influence in the Middle East.(IRGC) members in order to curb their influence in the Middle East.

In a 74-page document published as part of his current position as a research fellow at the Washington Institute, Zamir blamed the IRGC for its covert activities, terrorist acts, and political assassinations in the Middle East and around the globe.

Zamir warned that Iran managed to establish a significant military infrastructure in Syria and already deployed missiles and UAVs which are posing a direct threat to Israel’s peace and security.  

“Some of the Iranian militias base themselves in special camps across Syria,” according to Zamir, who warned that they can launch missiles from there at Israeli targets at any time.

Calling for a joint action to thwart Iran’s regional plans, Zamir said that Iran is not only posing a threat to Israel but to the neighbors and the regional countries. “Campaign against Iran’s destructive plans have been taking shape across the Middle East with a regional alliance of the US, Israeli, and the Gulf States,” Zamir said.

In order to reduce Iran’s influence, Zamir called for a regional alliance, including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Sudan, and Morocco to use every possible means to weaken the IRGC.

Zamir further went on to say that Iran has a plan to dominate the region through its proxy forces. “We need to fail its plan by carrying out attacks against Iranian facilities, including missile silos, manufacturing plants, Iran’s air defenses, and its supply lines to its proxies.”

On Monday, Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz revealed satellite images showing four Iranian military maritime activities in the Red Sea.

Relations between the two arch-enemies Israel and Iran have always been tense and it got worse after a number of IRGC and scientists were killed in recent months and Iran blamef Israel for it.

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