Gazprom Contractor Executive Found Dead in Own Home

Gazprom-affiliated executive Yuri Voronov was found dead in his own home in St. Petersburg, Russia, becoming the latest in a string of Gazprom-linked individuals who were killed this year.

Local St.Petersburg news outlet 47news reported that Voronov’s body was discovered on Monday afternoon, with a gunshot wound to the head in the pool of a luxurious cottage in the affluent Morskiye Terrasy neighborhood of St. Petersburg. 

According to local authorities, a large caliber handgun was discovered near the pool, while the bottom of the pool had numerous bullet shells.

Voronov was the CEO and founder of the transport and logistics business Astra-Shipping, which collaborated with Gazprom in the Arctic.

Without mentioning any particular business, Voronov’s widow claimed that her husband had come into difficulty with dishonest contractors, which led him to drink heavily the past few days before his death.

Voronov is one of many high-level executives connected to the Russian energy business who have passed away recently, with him being the sixth death of a Gazprom-related figure in recent months.

The five other gas industry executive individuals who were found dead since the beginning of the year include Leonid Shulman, Alexander Tyulakov, Mikhail Watford, Vladislav Avayev, and Sergey Protosenya. Authorities have officially declared the five deaths to be suicides.

However, Avayev’s business accomplice Igor Volubuev refused to believe the alleged suicide.

“He [Avayev] was in charge of very large amounts of money. So, did he kill himself? I don’t think so,” said Volubev, and continued to suggest that Avayev “Knew something and that he posed some sort of risk.”

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