Finnish Authorities Seize More Than 800 Russian Train Cars

The Finnish bailiff’s authority had seized 865 Russian train cars amid the European Union’s sanctions against Russia.

The Finnish bailiff’s authority seized the train cars as VR Group, Finland’s national rail operator, reduced railway traffic with Russia.

According to VR Group, some EU-sanctioned Russian firms owned the seized rail cars.

Taina Kuitunen, VR Group’s spokesperson, confirmed that “around 800 units of sanctioned (freight) cars” are in Finland.

VR Group said there were around 5,000 Russian rail cars in Finland when the Finnish government decided to suspend traffic. Reports said Finland sent back most of the carriage to Russia.

Finnish bailiffs authority also froze the assets of Russian and Belarusian transport firms worth around €82 million.

Alpha Leasing, one of the owners of the seized train cars, appealed to a Finnish court, saying the seizure was “unlawful.”

In March, VR Group suspended railway services between Finland’s Helsinki and Russia’s St. Petersburg amid Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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