Sudan’s General al-Burhan Says Army Makes Way for a Civilian Government

Sudan’s coup leader General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan said Monday that the army would withdraw from ongoing political talks and make way for a civilian government and revolutionary groups to form a transitional government. 

“The armed forces will not stand in the way,” al-Burhan said in a televised address referring to the democratic transition. 

al-Burham added that the military remains committed to working towards “elections in which the Sudanese people choose who will govern them.” 

According to al-Burham, the ruling sovereign council, which he chairs with some military and civilian members, will be dissolved after setting up the new government.  

al-Burhan also said that a new Supreme Council of the Armed Forces would be responsible for security and defense tasks and “related responsibilities” after the formation of the government.  

al-Burhan’s announcement came after a deadly week for the pro-democracy movement of Sudan as nine people died and more than 600 were injured in a security crackdown on large-scale protests demanding an end to military rule. 

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