Jordanian Man Arrested for Allegedly Beating his Daughters to Death

Police in Jordan said they have arrested a man for allegedly beating his two daughters to death in the north of Amman, the capital city.

A spokesman of the Public Security Department, Colonel Amer Sartawi said that police raided the home of the suspected murderer following a complaint by his ex-wife.

Without disclosing the name and nationality of the woman, Sartawi said that the non-Jordanian lady told police that she feared for the lives of her four children because the father suffers from mental illness.

Only two of the four children were in the house when the police arrived.

The two children said that his father, who frequently beats them, killed their two sisters. “The victims were aged 9 and 12,” Sartawi said, adding that during the interrogation, the father confessed to his crime.

“Ten days ago I beat one of my daughters with a stick, which led to her death and then I buried her in the vicinity of the house,” the Public Security Department quoted the father as saying in a statement.

The statement did not mention the name of the father, but said a few days after the first incident, he also beat his other “daughter to death, and dumped her body in a hole near the house.”

“We have recovered the dead bodies of the two girls and are under forensic examination,” Sartawi added.

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