China Claims AI Could Assess Communist Party Members’ Loyalty

China claimed it had developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that could assess loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Researchers at Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre in Anhui province reportedly developed the so-called “artificial intelligence empowering party-building,” assessing facial expressions, brain activities, and skin conductivity to determine political loyalty.

“It can provide real data for organizers of ideological and political education, so they can keep improving their methods of education and enrich content,” the researchers posted on Weibo.

The researchers said the AI system could study people’s levels of concentration, recognition, and mastery of ideological and political education. They added that the system could also evaluate the extent of people’s gratefulness and obedience to the CCP because of its “emotionally intelligent computing” capabilities.

Song Da’an, a sociologist in Anhui, said that the technology was based on the polygraph that detects lying.

Song argued that the introduction of the AI system shows that CCP “is becoming more and more totalitarian,” refining controllability toward party members.

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