14 Hikers Still Missing After Italian Glacier Collapse

At least 14 hikers are missing after a glacier in the Italian Dolomite Mountains collapsed and sent an avalanche of ice, snow, and rocks down the slope on Sunday.

Maurizio Fugatti, a regional leader, said that 14 people remain missing as of Monday afternoon: 10 Italian, three from the Czech Republic, and one from Austria, but thunderstorms have hampered the search for the hikers.

“We were contacted by families because these people didn’t return home,” Fugatti said.

Italian authorities said that the incident left eight people injured, including two in serious condition, but the exact number of hikers in the area when the glacier collapsed is yet to be identified.

“Operations on the ground will only be carried out to recover any remains discovered by the drones, to ensure rescuers’ safety,” the Trentino Alpine Rescue Service said.

Luca Zaia, the Governor of Veneto, said the hospitalized included two Germans and a 40-year-old patient yet to be identified.

“I hope the numbers stop here,” Zaia said.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said the avalanche was linked to climate change and expressed “the most sincere, affectionate, heartfelt closeness” to the victims’ families.

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