Two Women Killed in Separate Shark Attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment confirmed the death of two women on Sunday after shark attacks on Friday and Sunday off the coast of Shal Hasheesh near Hurghada, a famous seaside resort on the Red Sea.

The office of the Foreign Ministry of Romania also confirmed that the woman who died on Sunday was a Romanian tourist, yet to be identified.

On Friday, reports said a 68-year-old Austrian woman died from a Mako shark attack despite managing to swim to the shore without an arm and a leg.

A video circulated on social media showed the attack where the Austrian woman, who was close to the shore, was struggling in the water while it was turning red from blood, and people who were in the pier made noises to distract the shark.

According to reports, the woman managed to swim to the shore but died minutes later while being taken to the hospital.

Reports claimed that the shark attack on Friday was within 600 meters from the attack on Sunday.

On Saturday, Egyptian authorities closed a stretch of the country’s Red Sea coastline and banned water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing, including kite sailing.

Authorities also banned fishing boats from the waters off Hurghada.

In 2020, shark attacks maimed an Egyptian tour guide who lost a leg and a young Ukrainian boy who lost an arm.

In 2010, several shark attacks killed a tourist from Europe and maimed several others off Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula, across the Red Sea from Hurghada.

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