Single-Sex Toilets to be Mandatory in New UK Public Buildings

Government sources confirmed that the United Kingdom would require new buildings to construct single-sex toilets, changing building regulations and guidance.

The UK ministers would formally announce the regulations this week.

Reports said the plans were approved last month to prevent offices, schools, hospitals, and entertainment venues from having gender-neutral toilets only.

The government would set the guidance after a technical consultation in autumn.

According to the UK government, some children avoid using school restrooms because they only have access to gender-neutral toilets.

Robert Jenrick, former secretary of State for Housing, said some women raised concerns about privacy and longer queues in gender-neutral restrooms.

The planned regulation proposed in May 2021 received criticism over transphobic issues.

Trans rights advocates said that gender-neutral facilities reassure transgender men and women fearing discrimination.

Some women’s rights advocates believe gender-neutral restrooms disadvantage women, saying women could not use urinals while men could use cubicles.

The government wants to implement the planned regulations on business establishments over a certain size.

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