Iraq’s Erbil Airport Prevents Iranian Plane From Landing

Iraqi officials refused to allow an Iranian airplane to land at Erbil International Airport on Monday for violating legal procedures.

“We have prevented the unauthorized plane, en route from Iran’s northwestern city of Urmia as it did not provide details about the cargo, time of arrival and its crew,” said Airport’s Director, Ahmed Hoshyar.

According to Hoshyar, Iranian authorities were asked to provide information about the plane four days ago, but the Iranians ignored the call.

“We also asked Iranian officials to have an Iranian airline representative as well as renting an office at the airport to coordinate the flights effectively,” Hoshyar added. 

Without specifying the airline names, Hoshyar said that Erbil was scheduled to have its first two-way flight between Urmia and Erbil today (Monday).

Hoshyar said he has no information at the moment where the plane headed.

The Iranian sides did not comment on the matter so far.

Erbil International Airport, which also houses personnel from the global coalition and US forces, have occasionally came under rocket and drone attacks reportedly by the Iranian-backed militia groups.

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