Ukraine to Receive EU Candidacy Status

Ukraine is poised to receive its European Union (EU) candidacy status during the bloc’s upcoming summit.

Nearly four months after Ukraine submitted its official application to join the EU, the country is finally advancing towards full membership in the union, along with the countries of Moldova and Georgia.

“Ukrainians, Moldovans, and Georgians deserve to live in free, democratic, and prosperous countries that are proud and committed members of the European family, MEPs state, urging the European Council to take an important first step towards fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the citizens of these three countries,” said the EU parliament in a statement.

According to the EU, the parliament passed a resolution on Thursday urging EU member countries to give Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia EU candidate status “without delay” at the summit in Brussels, which will take place today and tomorrow.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed that he is “Looking forward to the EU’s decision on granting candidate status to our states (Moldova).” 

However, some EU nations are hesitant to reopen the bloc’s borders.

In an interview with the British news agency Financial Times, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said that the EU risks establishing “false expectations” with Ukraine’s desire to join since admission to the bloc usually takes years before it is completed.

“The great risk is to create false expectations that become a bitter disappointment. Less legal debates, more practical solutions,” said Costa, and added that the “Best support” the EU can give to Ukraine is to “Keep its unity.”

The EU parliament asserted that there is no “fast track” admission to the bloc, and maintained that the process of gaining membership is still merit-based, structured, and subject to the successful completion of reforms.

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