Chinese Influencers to be Regulated on Certain Topics

Chinese government ministries have set new regulations on Tuesday for Chinese influencers and live streamers, mandating them to talk about topics such as law and medicine.

China’s State Administration of Radio and Television and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Code of Conduct for Online Presenters, requiring influencers and live streamers for content with a higher professional level.

The Code of Conduct for Online Presenters was issued to strengthen the establishment of professional ethics for online hosts and promote the healthy, regulate behavior in practice, strengthen social responsibility, and create an online space that is “positive and uplifting, healthy and orderly, harmonious and clean.”

Chinese influencers must follow new qualifications in their content and will be reviewed by the live streaming platform they use.

The Code of Conduct for Online Presenters prohibits Chinese influencers from criticizing the Communist Party or traditional Chinese culture and threatening national security. 

Under the Code of Conduct for Online Presenters, Chinese influencers are prohibited from showing ‘excessive’ horror or being too sexually provocative and must not promote smoking, drinking, scandals, gossip, or engage in activities that exaggerate food waste.

Fortune News reported that Chinese influencers that violate the code of conduct could be banned from live streaming permanently, as Beijing will expose and punish them by releasing a blacklist of hosts that Chinese authorities expect influencers to avoid.

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