South Korea Reports First Suspected Monkeypox Case

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) confirmed the first case of monkeypox infection in the country.

KDCA revealed that the patient arrived at Incheon International Airport from Germany at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. 

Since landing in South Korea, this unidentified patient has been receiving treatment in isolation at the Incheon Medical Center, west of Seoul.

The infected person apparently had a headache two days before traveling, and upon arrival in South Korea, displayed signs of fever, sore throat, lethargy, and skin lesions.

According to an epidemiological survey, the person had no close family or friends with whom they had regular or sexual interaction inside the previous 21 days.

KDCA reported that it was closely watching the health of passengers who were seated next to the patient on the flight of arrival.

The South Korean agency also agreed to step up efforts to stop the virus from spreading and changed the country’s monkeypox risk rating from “attention” to “caution.”

Direct contact with bodily fluids or monkeypox sores, handling objects that have been contaminated with fluids or sores (clothes, bedding, etc.), or, less frequently, respiratory droplets after prolonged face-to-face contact were the three main ways that monkeypox is spread.

According to a four-tier classification established by health officials, monkeypox is classified as a second-degree infectious disease. Currently, the same category includes 22 infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, cholera, and chickenpox.

The South Korean government said 500 patients will be given the antiviral medication Tecovirimat next month.

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