Italian Foreign Minister Quits Party

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced his departure from the 5-Star Movement to form a new group of lawmakers to support Ukraine on Tuesday.

Di Maio accused the 5Stars of undermining government efforts to support Ukraine and weakening Rome’s international standing to gain a few extra votes.

Di Maio said it was necessary ‘to choose which side of history to be on, with the attacked Ukraine or the aggressor Russia’, as he said that the ‘positions of some leaders of the 5Stars threatened to weaken Italy’.

“The largest political force in parliament has a duty to support the government without ambiguity. To risk the stability of the government just because of a crisis in the polls is irresponsible. This war is not a media show, it is real, the victims are real,” Di Maio said.

Politico News reported that Di Maio did not specify the number of lawmakers who had decided to join him but indicated that he will be ‘accompanied by a sizeable breakaway group’.

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