France Urged to Deny Total’s Payments to Myanmar Junta

The Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), a subsidiary of the French oil and gas company Total, has been requested by about 459 civil society organizations in France not to finance the junta in Myanmar on Monday.

Ko Ye of the civil society organizations told local news The Irrawaddy that France must determine if it wants to join the junta in committing crimes against humanity.

If France approves the exemptions for Total, Ye said the French government “will pay for the weaponry the regime uses to kill civilians.”

In order to stop international companies from collaborating with the junta, the campaign has kept an eye on the regime’s foreign money.

The regime was deemed illegal on June 4 by the French foreign ministry and its embassy in Myanmar. 

The French Senate has acknowledged the National Unity Government as Myanmar’s legitimate representative.

On January 21, Total and Chevron made the decision to leave the Yadana natural gas project in the Andaman Sea. 

According to Human Rights Watch, Yadana was Myanmar’s single-largest source of foreign income, bringing in more than US$1 billion annually.

MOGE has been a lifeline for military administrations for decades. 

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