Estonia Claims Being Targeted by Russian Missile Attack Drills

Estonia has accused Russia of simulating missile strikes on its neighbor to the east in the Baltic Sea before a significant NATO conference.

The Ministry of Defense, in a statement published on Bloomberg, said: “that provocative behavior has intensified on Estonia’s border with Russia ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s summit scheduled for next week in Madrid”.

Kuti Salm, a top official in the Estonian defense ministry, told reporters on Tuesday, that this was Russia’s move in letting NATO territories that they were actually doing it.

The missile attacks were part of continuing Russian military drills.

Salm added that “this is the picture of the threat. How we see the Russian threat… It has never been as serious as it is now.”

The aggressive behavior started as Russia and Lithuania, another Baltic state and vociferous opponent of Vladimir Putin’s government were engaged in a heated argument over Vilnius’ decision to prevent some products subject to sanctions from traveling by rail to Kaliningrad, a Russian region.

Allegedly, the MI-8 border security helicopter crossed Estonian airspace for two minutes on Saturday night without permission, prompting Estonia to summon the Russian ambassador to Tallinn in protest.

Salm added that getting across the border with a helicopter cannot be a mistake as there have been several occurrences in recent days including “provocative acts flying extremely near the neighborhood of the border in the last days.”

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