Cholera Detected in Spanish Drinking Water after 43 Years

A woman reportedly contracted cholera after consuming water from a farm, becoming the first case of Cholera in Spain after 43 years.

The regional government of Castilla-La Mancha sealed off a farm in the province of Toledo after a young woman from Madrid was hospitalized due to cholera after drinking from a tap.

Water testing on the farm confirmed the presence of Vibrio cholerae, the bacterium that causes cholera, the first local outbreak since 1979.

Health experts however assured that the recent case is no cause for alarm and that the closure is enough to contain the virus for now.

“The risk for the population is practically nil because a catastrophe would have to happen for the existing sanitation networks in a country with the controls of Spain to be contaminated,” said Quique Bassat, epidemiologist and researcher at the ISGlobal Institute of Barcelona.

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