Turkey Deports 42,600 Irregular Migrants So Far This Year

The Turkish authorities have deported at least 42,666 irregular migrants since the start of 2022 amid at fighting the inflow of illegal immigration across the country.

Turkey’s Presidency of Migration Management said that 24,341 Afghan and 6,025 Pakistani nationals were among the deportees.

Around 1,135 Afghan nationals were returned back to Afghanistan’s capital Kabul only between June 18 and 21 from eastern Malatya province.

Daily Sabah reported that in total 24,341 Afghan nationals have been repatriated back to their country during the current year so far.

Turkey hosts around 4 million refugees, in which over 3.5 of them are from Syria. Philippe Leclerc, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Turkey had earlier said that about 800 Syrian refugees are returning to their country every week.

Turkey operated its 94th charter flight to Afghanistan since the start of 2022 to fly back irregular migrants.

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