Russia Blocks Telegraph Website Over War Coverage

Russian authorities blocked the website of Telegraph for its reporting on the war in Ukraine.

Russian communication watchdog Roskomnadzor confirmed on June 21 that it had ordered internet providers to block after the Russian Prosecutor General accused the newspaper of “disseminating false information about a special military operation by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.”

The Russian Prosecutor General banned the newspaper’s website for its report published on Feb. 23 — a day before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion — about the deployment of mobile crematoriums that could be used in the war.

Online data from Roskomnadzor showed that authorities approved the ban on the Telegraph website in April, The Guardian reported.

It is unclear why the ban was only enforced and made public in June.

Telegraph said it was the first British newspaper to have its website blocked by Russia for its war coverage.

In a statement, Telegraph said that it was “proud of its reporting of the invasion of Ukraine and regrets attempts by Russia to restrict press freedom.”

Russian authorities have also blocked the website of BBC and other international media outlets for their reporting on the war.

Last week, Russia banned 29 members of the British media, as well as 20 individuals in the defense sector, in response to measures by the British government on Russian public figures amid the invasion.

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