Harry Styles Helps Gay Fan Come Out During Pride Month Concert

Harry Styles granted his fan’s request to help him come out during his ‘Love on Tour’ concert at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday.

Parade News reported that Styles, a 28-year-old Grammy winner, stopped singing after noticing a fan named Mattia with a cardboard sign that read, ‘From Ono To Wembley: Help Me Come Out’.

“When this flag goes above my head, you are officially out. I think that’s how it works. “When this [flag] goes up in the head, you’re officially gay, my boy,” Styles told the fan. 

Styles swayed the flag in suspense while running across the stage, bringing the flag up and down and eventually waving it high above his head.

“Congratulations, Mattia. You’re a free man,” Styles said while throwing the flag in Mattia’s direction.

Styles’ performance was the second night of his two-day concert in Wembley and regarded the first night as one of his favorite shows on Sunday.

“Wembley, last night was one of my [favorite] shows we’ve ever played. I don’t know where to begin thanking you, I’m completely overwhelmed. I’m so grateful, I’m so happy. Thank you, thank you. I love you all. See you later,” Styles said in a tweet.

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