Ukraine to Ban Some Russian Music in Media, Public Spaces

The Ukrainian parliament voted on June 19 to ban some Russian music in media and public spaces as the Russian invasion continues.

The Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) passed a bill that prohibits some Russian music to be played or performed on TV, radio, schools, public transport, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, and other public spaces.

The bill also prohibits playing music and movies in the cabin of buses and taxis without the consent of passengers.

The ban applies to musicians who are or were Russian citizens after 1991 — the year Ukraine declared independence — except for those who are Ukrainian citizens or were so at the time of their death.

Musicians who have condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine can apply for an exemption from the ban.

The ban comes as part of an attempt to protect Ukrainian culture and the country’s information space from Russian influence.

The ban will last until all occupied Ukrainian territories are liberated and when Russian aggression has ceased.

The bill also increases the quota for Ukrainian music on radio and TV from 35% to 40% and the use of the Ukrainian language in daily programs to 75%.

The Verkhovna Rada also voted to pass a parallel bill to ban the import and distribution of books and other printed products from Russia, Belarus, and the regions of Ukraine occupied by Russia-backed separatists.

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