NATO Communications Chief Warns that Telegram is No Longer Secure

NATO’s Strategic Communications Center of Excellence claimed that the encrypted messaging app Telegram is no longer secure.

“Telegram is not really as it used to be. I do have reasons to believe that there is not full integrity. … Certainly, I would not see it as a secure platform,” said Janis Sarts, the director of NATO’s Strategic Communications Center of Excellence.

Sarts however did not disclose why he deemed the app insecure or where he received information.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov claimed that Telegram, unlike their previous platform VKontakte was more secure and could not be accessed by Russian authorities.

Aside from privacy, Sarts warned that Telegram could be used as a vehicle for disinformation since it is accessible to the public..

“That is how they circumvent the blocks that the Facebooks, Instagrams, and others have made. So they operate through the Telegram groups and use them than to post the material [on] all other social media platforms,” said Sarts.

Telegram has gained popularity after pro-democracy groups in Belarus and Hong Kong used it as a more secure means to communicate and disseminate information.

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