China Claims Anti-Ballistic Missile Interceptor Test Successful

China’s defense ministry said China had successfully tested its anti-ballistic missile interceptor on Sunday.

The defense ministry said China conducted its land-based mid-course missile interception test within its territory and did not target any country.

The defense ministry also claimed, without giving further details, that the test achieved its objective.  The anti-ballistic missile interceptors could block and destroy incoming ballistic missiles.

Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe said earlier this month that the country had made progress in developing its nuclear weapons. He added that China’s weapons could help prevent wars.

China conducted its last missile interceptor test in February 2021. 

Song Zhongping, a Chinese military observer, said the latest weapon test possibly tested the upgrades since the last test in 2021.

“Some technologies will have been adjusted and upgraded, so it’s normal to carry out this sort of exercise afterwards,” Song said.

China had conducted six publicly announced missile tests, including the one on Sunday.

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