Cameroon and Central African Republic Agree to Demarcate Shared Border

Cameroon and the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) have agreed on Wednesday to demarcate several hundred kilometers of their shared border through a joint commission. 

C.A.R. Territorial Administration Decentralization and Local Development Minister Bruno Yapande, with the Defense ministers and police chiefs from the two countries, agreed during the three-day talks in Yaounde to demarcate and develop the border to improve the security and living conditions of civilians. 

The two sides also agreed to reinforce their joint military presence in border towns and villages and to join efforts in stopping violence along the border, where Central African rebels have reportedly been hiding and launching raids for supplies. 

Yapande said the Presidents of the two countries also promised that the demarcation of the border would begin within a month.  

C.A.R. border commission member Jeannette Marcelle Gotchanga said that immediate completion of the demarcation project would put an end to tensions and rivalries that stop the free movement of people and goods and slow economic growth in villages on the disputed border.  

Cameroon shares about 900-kilometer border with the Central African Republic. 

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