Russian Warship Enters Danish Waters Near Parliament Visit Area

A Russian warship has reportedly sailed into Danish waters near an island where members of the Danish parliament were attending a democracy festival.

“At 02.30 last night, a Russian corvette (entered) Danish territory north of Christiansø, which lies off Bornholm. A few hours later, the same ship again crossed the border into Danish territory – again off Christiansø,” said the Danish Armed Forces. 

The Russian corvette reportedly left after the Navy’s maritime task hailed it using a civilian VHF radio.

.“A deeply irresponsible, gross, and completely unacceptable Russian provocation in the middle of #fmdk,” said Denmark’s foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod.

Danish defense minister Morten Bødskov said that the entry of the Russian ship did not disrupt the ongoing democracy festival or threaten national security.

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