Russia Bans 121 Australians Over Ukraine Invasion Sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry has sanctioned 121 Australians, including defense officials and journalists, on June 16 in response to sanctions imposed following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it has banned 121 Australians from entering the country, describing them as those “who form the Russophobic agenda” in Australia.

Included in the “stop list” of sanctioned individuals are Defense Force Chief General Angus Campbell, Chief of Air Force Mel Hupfeld, and Chief of Navy Michael Noonan.

The list also includes journalists from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Western Australian, The Australian Financial Review, and other Australian news media outlets.

La Trobe University Russian politics expert Dr. Robert Horvath, who is included in the latest ban, called the “form the Russophobic agenda” accusation a “lie.”

“I have repeatedly and insistently defended Russian culture against its detractors. I have highlighted its most humane voices and the lessons about human rights and freedom that Russian dissidents have taught the West,” Horvath said on Twitter.

“But in Putin’s twisted, Orwellian world, ‘Russophobia’ means criticizing his kleptocracy, repression, and genocidal war. It means drawing attention to brave Russians who oppose him. It means pointing out that there is more to Russian culture than his totalitarian despotism,” Horvath further said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it will continue updating its “stop list.”

“Taking into account the fact that the official Canberra does not intend to abandon the anti-Russian course and continues to produce new sanctions,” the ministry said.

In April, Russia announced sanctions on 228 Australians, including then-Prime Minister Scott Morrison and current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

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