UN Envoy Says Truce in Yemen Contributing to Significant Military Deescalation

UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg said Wednesday that the ongoing ceasefire has offered rare hope and opportunity toward a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the war-hit country.

In a press conference following the UN Security Council session on Yemen, Grundberg said that the truce continues to deliver tangible benefits to the Yemeni people, and it also resulted in a significant military deescalation and reduction in civilian casualties across Yemen.

However, Grundberg said that they still record civilian casualties due to landmines that were planted by the warring sides before the truce, but in general Yemen is moving on the path toward progress and peace.

“As of today, 8 round trips flights between Sana’a Airport and Amman and Cairo have taken off,” Grundberg said, adding that Hudaydah port continues to see increased and regular flow of fuel, which is considerably easing chronic fuel shortages.

The truce has also enabled the UN to convene direct discussions between the warring sides for the first time in years.

The meeting was held in Amman, Jordan last month where the parties discussed joint mechanism for addressing, managing, and preventing incidents that threaten deescalation efforts.

The warring sides also discussed the reopening of roads in Taiz and other governorates across Yemen.

Grundberg said in the next month and a half he would engage in working closely with the parties in Yemen and will push for economic and security tracks to reach more durable solutions.

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