UN Claims Children Were Killed and Tortured by Junta Forces in Myanmar

A new United Nations (UN) report claimed that Myanmar’s junta forces have targeted, tortured, and killed children across the country.

Tom Andrews, a special rapporteur on Myanmar’s human rights for the UN claimed in the report that during interrogation, minors were beaten and stabbed, and their fingernails and teeth were removed, while some were subjected to mock executions.

“The junta’s attacks on children constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes. Junta leader Min Aung Hlaing and other architects of the violence in Myanmar must be held accountable for their crimes against children,” said Andrews.

The report revealed that since the military’s takeover in February 2021, at least 250,000 children have been displaced due to the conflict, with at least 382 of those children injured or murdered.

Andrews alleged in the report that air raids by fighter jets or military artillery from the ground by junta forces, commonly known as the Tatmadaw, are responsible for much of the bloodshed.

“The junta has intentionally deprived children of their fundamental human rights to health, education, and development, with an estimated 7.8 million children out of school,” read a part of the report.

Andrews went on to criticize the Security Council’s reluctance to act and deemed it as a “Moral failing with profound repercussions for children in the country.”

“For the sake of Myanmar’s children, the Member States, regional organizations, the Security Council, and other UN entities must respond to the crisis in Myanmar with the same urgency they have responded to the crisis in Ukraine,” expressed Andrews.

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