Saudi Arabia Blacklists 8 Individuals, 11 Entities Over Yemen’s Houthi Financing

Saudi Arabia’s State Security blacklisted eight individuals and 11 entities for their involvement in facilitating the financial activities of the Iranian-backed Houthi group in Yemen.

The Kingdom ordered that all funds and assets belonging to blacklisted individuals and entities added to the terrorism list must be frozen.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that Riyadh would continue to work to prevent the influence of Houthis from spreading in the region.  

“The Kingdom will target key individuals and entities that provide financial support that causes violence, and endanger Yemen interest,” it added.

Among the blacklisted individuals identified was Salih bin Mohammad bin Hamad bin Shaji, a Yemeni national affiliated with the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

Shaji was reportedly providing financial support, weapons, and ammunition for the Houthi militia.

Another Yemeni national, Nabil bin Abdullah bin Ali Alwazeer, was working to facilitate the smuggling of money and oil for the Houthi group.

According to SPA, the blacklisted entities which are all headquartered in Yemen are all involved in activities that facilitate the Houthis’ financial services.

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