Qatar Reiterates Support For Palestinian State

Qatar reaffirmed its consistent and unstinted support for an independent state of Palestine according to international resolutions and the Arab peace initiative with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

Qatar’s representative in Geneva, Jawhara al-Suwaidi said that failure of the international community to be the main cause of conflict in Palestine, has emboldened Israel to continue committing more massive violations of international charters, laws and resolutions.

In his speech to the 50th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Al-Suwaidi called on the international community to take all measures to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

“Double standards in regards to Palestinian cause must be ended and Israel should lift the siege on the Gaza Strip,” Al-Suwaidi said.

Al-Suwaidi deems the international community’s pressure as a significant tool to force Israel to end its illegal settlements, racist policies and practices toward Palestinians.

While calling for an immediate end to the forced displacement and home demolitions, Al-Suwaidi accused Israel of attempting to change the identity of the “holy city of Jerusalem, its historical and legal status.”

“Israeli officials who committed violations against Palestinian people must be held accountable for its crime,” she asked. 

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