Chinese Authorities Allegedly Restricting Citizen Movement Using COVID App in Henan Province

Authorities in the Chinese province of Henan were accused of restricting some citizens’ movements using the Covid app following rare demonstrations.

Residents in numerous Chinese cities use a “health code” app to enter buildings and businesses, take public transportation, and exit the city.

Before entering, users must scan a QR code and display a color-coded “health status” on their phone.

If this status changes to red, it means that someone has recently tested positive for Covid or is suspected of having Covid, and they must be quarantined for 14 days.

On Tuesday, several residents, in a report by BBC, said when they tried to access train stations, buildings, or hotels, their status had become red.

Although the exact number of people affected is unknown, Chinese reports indicate that the problem has occurred in various Henan cities and villages.

The majority appear to be customers of four rural banks that had problems providing cash withdrawals.

Last month, banks froze deposits, sparking violent protests.

Many of the banks’ customers have ran across the same situation, according to a staff member at the Zhengzhou health commission.

An unnamed staff member of the health commission explained that they can only contact their community managers to apply (to change their status), and their status can be changed back if they complete two Covid exams within three days.

The Henan Provincial Health Commission, in a separate report by state-run news website, said it was “investigating and verifying” the concerns from depositors who received red codes.

Several depositors that at midday on June 14, their health codes had changed from red to green.

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