Australian Teen Charged for Printing Firearm

Australian authorities arrested an 18-year-old teenager for several gun offenses after police found a fully functional 3D printed firearm he had made at home. 

“This firearm although it resembles a toy has the ability to cause serious harm within our community,” Detective Senior Sgt. Blair Smith said

“It’s deeply concerning that this man was able to manufacture this firearm at home with a 3D printer and readily available materials,” Smith added. 

According to police, the teenager took two days to manufacture the plastic firearm, capable of firing 15 rounds with one pull of the trigger, with materials costing less than $35.  

“This is the first time we’ve seen a fully operational 3D printed firearm here in Western Australia,” Smith said.  

“That is a semi-automatic 9mm assault rifle in essence,” Smith also said.  

Police said charges filed against the teenager include four counts of possession of a prohibited weapon and unlicensed manufacture of firearms and ammunition. 

The teenager is due to face Perth Magistrates Court on June 20. 

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